Thursday, November 8, 2012

'Walking Dead' - I don't get into it

I worked through most of the first and second seasons of 'Walking Dead', and I just don't get into it.  It's got plenty of creepiness, but the problem is that the show is so stilted and padded with unbelievably dull and unconvincing character dialog that's so frequently dry and irritating, to the point that I just skipped ahead after one boring conversation after another.

The sub-plots seem might contrived, such as Sheriff Rock's boy getting shot by a deer hunter, a hunter who conveniently has a doctor nearby to bring the boy to (oh, but he's a veterinarian, so that helps tone down the ridiculousness factor.... riiiiight.  He's a veterinarian that knows all about removing bullets and fixing ruptured internal arteries and doing blood transfusions, because those are all things that veterinarians do on a regular basis..."Hurry!  We need to find another Saint Bernard with type O-negative blood!")

The violence, and periodic sexual content, definitely makes this a non-family friendly program, and is disgusting enough to make this a non-rational-neophytos-friendly program too.  Killing zombies by stabbing them in the eye sockets with a screwdriver... oh yeah, thanks for that unpleasant bit of nausea...

What floors me is that they have a "Walking Dead" shooting game in the toy section of the local Walmart.  I ranted about this before, but it bears repeating, if for no other reason than a justification to add 'walmart' as a label to this post.  Why do they carry garbage like that?

The big problem with "Walking Dead" is that there's no clear picture of where this gang is going and why.  By the end of season 2, it seemed like the Rick guy was flipping out, and then the camera pans to a prison.  Why?  Is it filled with zombies or is Rick going to lock everyone up?  Well, frankly, I don't care enough to find out and I won't be bothering with this goofy show anymore.

Besides, the thing about zombies is, how do they see?  Wouldn't flies and bugs be all over their rotting eye sockets?  So what do they do, smell the living humans?  Even that is wacky as the soft nose tissue would all start rotting and falling off too.  Little details like this, though, don't matter to the story-writers with AMC, I suppose, but it is one of those things I wonder about (that, and how is it that with time and bacterial decomposition zombies don't just all fall apart, as Poe once wrote, into a "nearly liquid mass of loathsome—of detestable putrescence."  If these zombies are a result of disease, what exactly holds them together an animates them?

Well, whatever.  It's been a slow day and I posted way too much here.  I need a life.

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