Monday, November 5, 2012

George Lucas: Epic Sellout

I've been thinking about the news recently about George Lucas selling out  (figuratively and literally) the Star Wars franchise to Disney, and I frankly don't care anymore.  The Star Wars franchise is so overly-marketed and so saturated with garbage, that it's impossible to tell what fits into the actual universe and what doesn't.  I've found myself getting sick of Star Wars over the last few years, especially with the Clone Wars, which seems to just be a video game with far too much light saber and ever more panning of a otherwise boring transition time between Episode 2 and 3 (we know Anakin goes bad, and we know Palpatine is the puppet master of everything, and it's just puppet-characters all fighting one another, so what's the appeal of the show anyhow?)

But more than anything with this story of Lucas selling Disney  I think the lamest thing of all is would be that he sold the one token feature of his empire that really gave him identity.  Sure, he was known for American Graffiti  Indiana Jones (making it great initially and also ruining it years later), Willow, and that dull sci-fi film with the bald people.  Oh, and Howard the Duck. But Star Wars was THE thing he was known for, and he just off and sold the one token identification that you think of when you think of George Lucas.  I guess I just don't get it.  Maybe he's like me and he's just sick of Star Wars.  "Here, take it, pay me for it, and do what you want with it."

It has no appeal to me.  I could care less about an episode 7, and if it was made, would likely wait for it to hit NetFlix instead of wasting the money.  I think George should have just wrapped up the series and put it to rest.  Disney is just going to goof it up, or have Gore Verbinski direct it with a dull and repetitive Hans Zimmer score, and chock it full of unrealistic and non-convincing Pixar special effects.  Blah.  I don't care.

George, you should have just put the franchise to rest yourself, buddy.

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