Monday, November 19, 2012

How Much Time Can a Lay Elder Give to Ministry? | 9Marks

My thoughts on this 9Marks post on How Much Time Can a Lay Elder Give to Ministry?  There's just so much that I disagree with about this, but here's what I responded.  I can't help but feel like this is starving the flock and dividing the bride by men who can't make the church their full-time committment:

If I need open-heart surgery, I will NOT go to the guy who is an IT pro during the week but does double-bypass operations on the weekend...

If I need to take a flight to Europe, I will NOT go to the guy who repairs toasters during the week but flies DC-10's on the weekend...

How much more different than going to a man entrusted with the double-edged sword of God's word?  Why would I submit myself, my wife, and my children to the teaching of a novice, who isn't in the word as a full-time profession?  Save the baby-food teachers for the pentacostal and KJVO churches, and give me a spiritual leader who is a full-time teacher, full-time-theologian and full-time shepherd, and not waht Lloyd-Jones called a "hobbyist".

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