Monday, November 12, 2012

Texas Secession - could something like this really happen?

I've been following some of the news stories about Texas succession, and this has me wondering if I'm situated in a state that will soon be it's own country... again.... or if this is just a lot of hype.  Of course, last time I checked, the secession petition was over 25,000, so maybe there's a possibility.  Or not.
Here's the petition, currently at 26,526.

(And I wonder if writing about this is going to put me on some watch list?  (I'm probably on a watch list by the Global Vasectomy Society...)

I'm not saying to sign this, but rather consider the consequences: Texas is a state with a fairly good economy, with plenty places that I've visited that seem to be all but recession proof.  Houses are affordable, and the jobs seem plentiful in Houston.  There wouldn't be a military, but then again, everyone I know on my street (heck, almost everyone I know in Texas) is armed to the teeth already, so wonder if something like this would work?  I expect the MSM will bury this with some stupid celebrity news stories, but what if it actually took off?

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