Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Super Earths" - and why aren't we there yet?

Stories like this one about the potential of other earth-like planets really has me wondering why we aren't there already.  This is the type of thing that scientists should be concentrating, not with nonsensical speculations about apes turning into men and other valueless recreations.  If anyone believes that "science has all the answers" (which it doesn't....  It has some good answers, and a lot of BAD one's too, like asbestos, chemical warfare, killer pharma, nuclear waste and fallout, etc) should realize that space exploration is THE thing to be focusing on.  Not stupidity about fish turning into lizards, but rather, how the heck do we get working warp engines.

If you go to a bookstore, instead of seeing shelves filled with goofballs speculating about stupid things like evolution, there should be TOMES of books about space travel, star ships, and warp engines (the stuff of Star Trek should be the stuff of reality by now.)  There's nothing I hate more than going to a science website or magazine and reading pages about neanderthal nonsense.  For crying out loud, get us into space first, and then speculate your silly caveman ideas!

If I was a scientist, that would be my focus and path.  As it stands, I nearly failed every science class I took because, while I like the ideas, I hate the actual study.  Go figure.

Space exploration should be THE prime focus of all science, followed closely by the science of making the environment safer, followed then by the science of making food and water safer and cleaner.  But I don't hear nearly enough about these subjects, and instead it's just scientific monkey business.

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