Monday, November 12, 2012

Hermeneutical Backflips

Was engaged in an interesting discussion this weekend with a friend about the Christian practice of "cherry-picking" parts of the New Testament that we like and don't like, particularly in reference to head coverings (I Cor. 11).  There are Christians who get so fired up over homos, but to be honest, I think this is a secondary issue to something like head coverings, which are spelled out pretty clearly as an ordinance by the apostle Paul, it was a practice followed for centuries, and only around the 1950's did Christians somehow "figure out" that head covering no longer allied to women (conveniently, around the same time that feminism came onto the scene.)  Wives of pastors and theologians don't like to wear head coverings, so they tell their husbands this, and their theologian husbands then do the hermeneutical back-flipping of explaining that head coverings of I Cor. 11 were actually "contextual" and "don't apply anymore" - not, I would argue, out of faithfulness to the Bible, but rather, to cover their backsides from the wrath of their wives.

Just a hunch.  Here's a nice summary of I Corinthians, a wonderful book of the NT...

Summary of 1st Corinthians

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