Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Stupid movies at Walmart and smoking

Haven't touched this blog for awhile. It's pretty stale. Whatever, no one reads it anyhow. I was at Walmart and made a couple observations today:

 1) Walmart, why not have your employees take their smoke break BEHIND the stores, not right in front of the store? The local store parking lot already smells like a giant ashtray/public mens room, so why make it worse by having a half dozen of your employees out puffing on their cancer sticks 20 ft. from the door to the store?

 2) The films in your $5 bin aren't even worth $5. You should actually PAY the customers to take them, or perhaps, offer incentives to take these pieces of garbage, like 10% off if you take any film with Nicholas Cage.

 In any case, some thoughts on this cheap bin loser:

You see, it must be funny, because the woman is smart (the heart by her head shows that she's clever, because she's the woman!) but the man is stupid and animalistic, because the heart is at his groin, and men are all little more than dogs without brains.

Good thing the woman is smart and the man is stupid, because without that trite formula it wouldn't be a $5 cheap bin turd from Hollywood.

I can't stand hollywood, and I'm frustrated that I have to buy things from Walmart.  I hate supporting them when they sell stupid films like this and all of their employees just blow cancer smoke in the parking lot.  Maybe their employees are just disgusted by the stupid films they are required to sell, and it drives them to smoke?  "The Ugly Truth"?  The ugly truth is that Walmart sells a lot of garbage, and if there was a decent alternative, I'd give my money to someone else instead of this monopolitic, smoky beast.