Wednesday, November 7, 2012

10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media

Gospel coalition had this post recently: 10 Questions a Pro-Choice Candidate Is Never Asked by the Media

But I think they missed out on the biggest one:  "What about the medical side effects of abortion?  Are women being fairly and honestly informed about the medical consequences of a surgical abortion, both immediate and long-term?"  From a strictly naturalistic viewpoint, abortion is NEVER safe.  It's foolish to ever apply a word like that to a procedure in which a woman has an unborn child surgically destroyed and vacuumed from the body.  A back-alley abortion could be considered "more" dangerous compared to a hospital-setting abortion, sure, but even at a hospital, or a posh abortion clinic, the fact remains: when a woman gets a DNC, it isn't safe, and there are plenty of medical risks such as uterine puncture, hemorrhaging, scarring, internal bleeding, side-effects from the medication, etc, etc.

Yes, natural childbirth is dangerous, I'll agree, but I think comparing abortion to natural childbirth is something of a false dichotomy. Natural childbirth, by it's very nature, is a natural process in which a woman, with minimal (if any) intervention, delivers a child. It doesn't need to be done in a hospital, and technically can be done without a doctor or nurses or major intervention of any major degree. Not so abortion. You can't just "naturally" have an abortion: there are doctors are nurses required, and drugs, and for a standard D&C-style procedure, there needs to be a hospital room, medical equipment, drugs, and a lot of HUMAN intervention, which can in many respects be prone to error (check out some of the YouTube "abortion clinic 9-11 calls" sometime).

 Abortion clinics generally do NOT have all of the full medical facilities/specialists that a standard hospital ER will have, so if something goes wrong during the abortion surgery, a 9-11 call needs to be made to take the woman from the abortion clinic to the hospital. The abortion-breast cancer link is another issue as well. Plenty of good research suggesting a connection, and even more convincing that there is a risk is the fact that mainstream media routinely buries these stories about a connection - and if the MSM buries a story, you know there's truth to it. And if there is no connection, then where on earth is this epic breast cancer epidemic coming from lately?

Abortion is never safe, regardless of where and how it's done, and women need to be adequately informed.  Laws should mandate that women are fully informed before the surgery so that they know exactly what the risks are.  There needs to be more objective research done into the abortion/cancer risk as well.

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