Friday, October 5, 2012

The REAL Halloween Danger... forgetting the Reformation

I have fun sometimes surfing around SermonAudio to find some of the more unusual messages from time to time. Don't get me wrong: SermonAudio is a wealth of solid, expository teaching. But there is the occasional bit of loopiness (particularly regarding the patently ridiculous 'King James Only' messages that make their way onto the site.) Here's an entertaining message: not heavy on Scripture, but rich in the dangers of Halloween:

What's disappointing is that the message just goes through the superficial trappings and generalitites of halloween (and the dangers of Harry Potter, of course) but doesn't go as heavy as I'd like to into the Christian response - or, even into the alternatives to Halloween, which would be Christian remembrance of the Reformation, also on Oct. 31st, but an event far more impactful to the lives of believers (KJVO'ers like to get hung up on the double-inspiration of those amazing Anglican translators of King James court, but they lose sight of the history behind the reformation that, had it never happened, we'd all be polishing the Pope's shoes under a continuing wicked tyranical and ungodly fusion of church and state. Priorities, pastors, priorities.  Rome used to burn men like us just for teaching something other than their own false doctrines...)

This time of year, I generally lament how there are NO churches that do anything to remember the reformation at all: Oct. 31st evening speakers to teach the congregation about some of the reformational powerhouses like Luther, Huss, Wycliffe, Calvin, etc.) Instead, pastors either get onto the trick-or-treating bandwagon, or they just host equally enane Halloween alternatives at the church, giving out the same unhealthy candy but without all of the demonic constuming. Pastors, please, don't forget that it was the Reformation that freed us from the yoke of Rome, and remind your parisheners this time of year. And beyond.

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