Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another year, another absence of Reformation Day Parties

You'd think that a google search for something like "Reformation Day Party Houston Texas" would bring back something... anything.... but it doesn't.  I just don't get it.  EVERY PROTESTANT CHURCH IN THIS COUNTRY should be celebrating on the the 31st - celebrating that the church of Jesus Christ is no longer under the oppressive, satanic grip of the Papists.  EVERY CHURCH should mark the 31st as an evening for families to gather at the church, to celebrate their freedom, to worship with singing, to read from Bibles that we are FREE to own, that the satanic forces of Roman Catholicism can no longer prevent us from owning.  But instead it seems like most evangelical Christians just get caught up in the nonsense of Halloween, and sending their children off, dressed as monsters, to beg neighbors and strangers for candies filled with dyes and deadly chemicals.  WHY?

The Reformation is one of the single-most important events in the history of the church - so why isn't it celebrated globally in evangelical churches?

I think that pastors do far more HARM than good by avoiding a formal celebration of the Reformation on Oct. 31st, and do even more harm by participating in trick or treating, as they are basically telling their congregation, "hey folks, forget that whole Reformation thing, and just go out and beg strangers for candy."

That isn't shepherding.

That isn't leading a flock.

That's condescending to the spirit of the age.

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