Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sports in the Age to Come... not quite

There was a post over on Desiring God about the topic of sports that got me thinking.  The writer, opening with "will there be touchdowns in the new creation?" more or less delved into a somewhat ridiculous endorsement of the idea of sports in heaven, with a thought that sports are something of as a foretaste of heaven.  Of course, the writer didn't bother citing anything about the half-naked women cheering for the players, the brutality and violence of games like football that frequently send men to the hospital, or the plethora of comericals on television for sexually-explicit films, alcohol, and junk food consumption (nor, on the subject of watching sports, how being a lethargic, motionless couch potato while watching sports is a way to "waste one's life", ironic on Piper's blog.

I really don't get into sports, and I really don't get into pastor endorsing sports.  I think the negatives of sports far out-weigh any positives.  I've known of far too many people personally who lament their chronic, life-long physical pain and disability that resulted from sporting events played during their youth.  If Christian kids need a good physical outlet, instead of stupidity involving throwing a small ball around, why don't they build a house for someone in need, or find some other outlet to use their energy, other than blasting out a kneecap while throwing an inflated ball through a hoop?

More on this later, but this post just had me thinking (and blogs that don't allow comments invariably have me leaving my goofy thoughts here instead.)

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