Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jimmy Buffett, lover of alcohol

Even though he tends to remove my comments, I still enjoy Russell Moore's podcast of music, and I just listened to his broadcast on the music of Jimmy Buffett: A Pirates Life at Forty by Jimmy Buffett and had some thoughts on this.

For years I've HATED the music of Jimmy Buffett, as every song he sings has something to do with alcohol and intoxication, and that's just something I really don't get into. I used to work with a bunch of older women at a small office years ago, and all of them were fans of Buffett and his drinking music (as well as smoking and NASCAR). I never saw the appeal of his music, and Buffett struck me as the type of ornery drunk you'd generally want to avoid. I mean, does he have anything else, other than booze, to sing about? If so, I haven't heard it, and yes, I have heard other songs than the awful "Margarittaville" song - I've got internet radio cranking almost all day, so whenever I hear his music, I hastily skip it.

I'd like to hear Jimmy Buffett sing some songs about rehab. Perhaps some imaginary songs about how his wife left him because of his alcoholic rages, or his tendency to spend all of his wealth on drink (not sure if that actually happened or not, but it would make for a good song.) Maybe even a song about a drinking binge that led to a hospitalization? Or songs about being in a bar, drinking too heavily, and then violently vomiting all over the floor next to Cliff and Norm. Whatever. Can't stand his music.

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