Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pharmaceutical Discrimination

A pediatrician near us refuses to take new patients who refuse to vaccinate their children, and on considering this policy, I couldn't help but think of how Nazi that policy sounded. "We don't care what you think or what you've read or what research you've done: if you refuse the drugs that we mandate, we will not treat you." So in other words, it's an acceptable form of discrimination based on one's personal views about the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Good thing the government will step in to investigate inhuman medical practices like this...
It is the choice of these doctors, I suppose, but it reflects very poorly on their practice. I've long wondered if pharma-crazy doctors like this get a big bonus check for the volume of mercury-laden drugs they push into kids each year? I think of friends of ours who have a severely mentally-disabled child, who was (wrongly) administered an overdose of vaccines (the medical records were lost, so the shots were given again.) And of course, the vicious mental damage that the child received from these drugs, disabling him mentally for life, making him incapable of working or accomplishing things with his life, all just happened for no reason - just out of the blue. No connection to the shots (even though the symptoms started to manifest shortly thereafter.) I mean, historically, this happened to people all through history, right? Even back before vaccines - children just suddenly, for no reason, would just manifest autism symptoms, right, doctor?

And you know, if there was ever a solid, definitive study to be released, conclusively linking vaccines to autism and mental disorders, it would be completely marginalized and buried. Doctors would never be allowed to read it, and even if they did, they would ignore it in favor of the pro-drug propaganda in glossy color.  This is just a part of why I would never be a medical doctor. Your primary purpose is to sell drugs. Sellouts with no genuine concern about the health of their patients.

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