Monday, October 8, 2012

Hey NetFlix, a suggestion...

Hey Netflix, a suggestion for you:

Not all of your NetFlix users are complete crooks and swindlers.  Believe it or not, a few of your users are actually honest people who are faithful to return the DVD's on a regular basis so that new films from the queue can continue to be circulated.  So in light of this, if you have users who are, for the most part, consistently honest straight-shooters, why not make the system a little bit easier for them and allow them to have the benefit of the doubt that they returned a film, and let them get their next disc faster.

Here's a suggestion:  add this option next to a film, so they can mark that it's in the mail, and send out their next film faster:

A simple checkbox to say that, yes, I have the film in the mail.  Please send me the next one.  If a person has a good track record with returning their DVD's on time and promptly, why not allow this checkbox, so that a user can specify that they have a film headed back, and they can get their next film more quickly?

I realize there could be the potential for abuse.  For instance, if a person has the two film rental plan, and they have two films checked out, and they have both marked "in the mail", at most they have 4 films are one point if they are being dishonest.  Is that really that big of a deal?  You check their account, and if they have 4 films out, they get no more until something is returned.  If they also consistently abuse the system, remove the 'in the mail' option for that person.

Best case: you vest the respect of members like me who regularly check the queue and return films faithfully, and make me want to stick with NetFlix for a long time.
Worse case: you give dishonest people the ability to check out 4 films.  But if there is abuse of the system, and people repeatedly hang on to 4 films at a time, you take away the "in the mail" option from that particular person.

Think about it, Netflix.  Postal mail is a drag, and this would help speed up the turn-around.


P.S. Why won't you share a customer service email address?


  1. Wow, we don't have that kind of problem with DISH, and the Blockbuster @ Home movie package. I switched to DISH from Netflix last year, and have had a really fun time with more movies than I can handle. A DISH coworker convinced me to try it, and honestly, my favorite feature is the ability to exchange titles in more than one way; I can exchange them at a BB store, get them by mail, and stream live to my TV at home. It's a lot more fun Netflix ever was.