Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Reformation Day!

Martin Luther, pounding the 95 Theses into the Wittenberg door.... with his FIST!  Shortly thereafter, the corrupt Roman Catholic empire crumbled.

Happy Reformation Day!  

Shame on all you pastors that starved your flocks today and didn't host a Reformation Evening service, to celebrate with worship and praise our risen savior Jesus Christ on this wonderful, eventful holiday.  Greater shame on you pastors if you went out demonically "trick or treating", while neglecting to give your congregations good spiritual Hebrews 5 food, as today, of all days, is the day to celebrate and appreciate the glorious Reformation freedom of the church today - freedom to own Bibles in English, freedom to correctly observe the ordinances, freedom from the satanic papist grip, freedom from the perverse and devilish fusion of church and state.  Tonight was the night to celebrate the Reformation... and did you?

The more you neglect it, the more easier it will be for the papists to steal it all away someday.  With Roman Catholics there is no such thing as ecumenicism - there is only the cold, cruel will of the Mother church, enforced through inquisition.  You do her will or you die by fire.  History over and over again cries out with the blood of the martyrs... don't forget them in an ocean of candy that you let your children beg from the strangers of the neighborhood tonight.

Don't forget the Reformation.  It has never ended.

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