Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fiends with Benefits

I created this Photoshop stupidity on my old blog, and felt it deserved a reposting, as I see garbage films like this all the time advertised at Walmart.  I can't figure out Walmart: are they supposed to be a family-oriented, family-friendly business, or just a massive, soulless conglomerate out to decimate the entirety of the free market in this country?  Ahhh, what good does it do for me to lament, I spend far too much money there.  But why do they have to openly advertise and sell garbage films like this one?  I felt like my intelligence level dropped a few notches just from being unfortunate enough to see the trailer for this film (the trailer was enough to dissuade me NOT to support movie theaters anymore.  I'm starting to think Hollywood can't make a decent film anymore...)

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