Monday, October 8, 2012

New IRD posted

Every now and then I'll comment on posts from my other blog, "Intelligently Redesigned Doonesbury", since I usually just post the modified comics over there without any comments. It's no secret that I hate Doonesbury (nothing against Trudeau personally, I just can't stand his odorous liberal bias) so I've taken this other blog and used it as a vehicle to re-write Doonesbury to actually make it funny. All done as satire, of course.

Anyhow, in this weeks comic, I usually aim to keep the dialog as untouched as possible, expecially the size of the dialog balloons, but this week I coundn't help it: I had to expand the final balloon to fit a much better punchline.  Yeah, I messed up the border size, but who cares: it's just a stupid satirical version of a satirical comic strip.

If there wasn't such a liberal stench to this comic, I probably wouldn't even bother, but the obnoxious nature of this comic just lends itself to a satirical rewrite...

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