Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Russell Moore and 'Red Ragtop' by Tim McGraw

I generally enjoy the podcast by Russell Moore of Southern Seminary called "the Cross and the Jukebox", in which Dr. Moore gives a Christian overview of different songs, generally of a classic country flavor but also including more contemporary numbers as well.  Recently he covered the song Red Ragtop by Tim McGraw, an annoying song with an even more annoying pro-abortion message nestled within it. 

What struck me about this song (and what I shared in the comments, and which was apparently too graphic to note, as it was deleted) was the fact that to me the title of the song, "Red Ragtop", has embedded within in the sound of "red rag", which in a way is evocative to me of hemorrhaging following abortion, namely the aftermath of the grizzly, abortive D&C procedure in which the unborn child is destroyed (something not usually talked about by the "women's health" propagandists of the mainstream media.  If we all believed the mainstream media, abortion would be described as nothing more than a "health decision" with no long-term health and/or psychological ramifications.)  I suppose I can see how the comment was irrelevant, but then again, half of what I post in my 1000+ some Disqus comments online are generally irrelevant.  I rarely go back to my comments once I leave them, but I speak my peace and move on.  It's generally confrontative basement-dwellers that spend all day following a comment thread.  Not me.  I don't care.

But in the situation with this comment, I was morbidly curious to see if it would land, and alas, it didn't.  Still, the song title brings to mind the less-than-pleasant aftermath of abortive butchery to me, of failed elective surgeries, of 9-11 calls from abortion clinics that are unable to provide adequate "women's health" when abortions go bad. 

I have a fear that we're going to wind up with the incumbent for another 4 years, and that's going to mean more legislation geared towards killing the unborn, at the expense of the collective taxpayer.  I really fear for the direction this country is going sometimes.

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