Thursday, September 20, 2012

I will NEVER retire! (I think)

This article got me thinking about retirement, and how I've neve given thought to stopping work. Not just because my 401k has been a colossal joke over the decade, but more because I just can't envision stopping work. Besides, whenever you hear about someone retiring, then inevitably die shortly after. From a Christian perspective, is retirement even a biblical concept? Genesis 3 describes man working the ground "all the day's of his life."  Nothing in there about a gushy pension and watching 'Frasier' reruns all day. It's all the days of life until you die. File this in the "other" "Answers in Genesis" category, I guess. I'll probably be a Walmart greeter. Maybe I could be one of the people working in the paint department that's never there when you need help. Where do they go all day? Perhaps there's an employee lounge, and they just spend 90% of their day sitting on a couch in the employee break room?

Also been musing over more of the gnostic goofiness in the news about a 4th century fragment about Jesus' wife
  From the 4th century. Give me a break. Plus it looks like it was done in fingerpaints. Why does nonsense like this get the headlines anyway? I'm expecting more books, and another idiotic National Geographic special.

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