Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Valid Abortion Debate Question (free to be used at the political debate of your liking)

I've been percolating this question in my head for awhile now, originally thinking this would be ideal for a presidential debate question, but the more I think about it, this could be a fair question to ask the pro-abortion candidate at ANY political debate. I think this is a fair question, yet at the same time is a massive setup that cannot be answered by a politician without either looking very evasive or looking really awful (or both).  I post this here since I will probably never get a chance to use it, but if anyone reading this, for any reason, happens to be at a political debate and wants a good question, feel free to use it. Maybe you are the one debating the pro-abortion candidate, or maybe you're just someone in the audience who gets to ask the pro-abortion candidate the question. Whatever the situation, feel free to use this one, as I think this is a fair and thoughtful question to ask anyone who supports abortion...

Good evening, (Pro-abortion candidate Name)
I would like to propose a role-playing scenario (that I believe is a completely plausible) and I would like to hear your particular response to this situation:

You are visiting a local Planned Parenthood clinic in your district, to thank your voter base for their support, and while there the clinic facilitator takes you on a tour of the building. While on the third floor you pass the area where the live-birth abortions are performed. A doctor is about to help a "patient" and, seeing you, comes over, shakes your hand and thanks you for your support of "reproductive freedom". He looks at you in all seriousness and then makes an unusual request. "Our principle nurse is out today," he begins, "and I'm wondering if you could help me out."

Puzzled, you tell him that you have no medical qualifications and are in no position to help out. Seeing your confused expression, he laughs and assures you with "Oh, don't worry. I'm just doing a live-birth abortion today. Basically, I give a drug to a woman who's several months into her pregnancy, and it will cause her to prematurely go into labor, delivering the fetus alive. All I need for you to do is put on some scrubs and sit over there in that rocking chair. I will hand you the fetus after it's been delivered, and all you need to do is hold it until it dies of exposure. All told, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Then the medical incinerator is right behind you."

So that's the scenario. Considering your views on a "woman's right to choose" that you believe in, if presented with this scenario, would you participate? Would you hold that living child and be willing to let that child die of exposure in your hands?


  1. If we assume away any normal objections (it would be totally illegal to do this while not being an employee - no clinic would ever allow it) I think plenty would be perfectly happy to say that yes, because it isn't a child - it's a fetus. Many people genuinely believe this. It's not just something they say so they get to kill people for fun.

  2. I'd just like to see how a politician would tackle this under the spotlight, particularly if this was offered at a presidental debate.