Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kate's "Nightmare" - People Magazine's Stupidity

I really should NOT read magazine headlines at the checkout at the store, because it just frustrates me completely, and then I get started writing inane blog posts. 

So People magazine has an important headline about one of the royals, Kate something, who decided to run about naked in public, and how she's experiencing a "nightmare" due to her public nudity being caught by the media.  A nightmare.  Over something so idiotic.  Not the nightmare of the suffering and sickness and death around the world, but the nightmare of stupid behavior and it's consequence.  The nightmare of being a tabloid joke....?

And this is important enough for People to put on the headline?  What an absolutely dumb magazine that I will never pick up.

But what is the deal with the royal family of Britain?  Do they serve any practical, functional purpose?  Other than lewd behavior on the cover of tabloids, what purpose do they serve?  Isn't England run by a parliament, and doesn't the prime minister make most principal decisions for the nation?  So why does the UK retain the nonsensical royal... oh, why do I bother asking rhetorical questions that have no answers. 

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