Thursday, September 27, 2012

Low-budget theme park rides

For some morbid reason I enjoy watching POV videos, if for no other reason than to partially enjoy the theme park experience without the cost, the heat, and the pushy eastern Europeans. But another purpose they serve is validating why I'm better off NOT wasting the money, simply because I can identify the faults that make the ride not worth bothering with.

Case in point: the 'Men in Black' ride, which is basically just the Buzz Lightyear ride, but not as colorful. In fact, aspects of the ride look distinctly cheap and cheesy, like they painted some of the monsters on carved sheets of plywood.


Were I on this ride, I'd be grimacing at the schlocky effects, that are less than convincing for a ride based on such a big-budget film series. Maybe the bar is set high with Disney rides like the Haunted Mansion, which even though it was designed and built decades ago, is still hard to top even with modern technology, 3d effects and what not. If I had stood in line for an hour to get on this MIB ride,

I'd be a little bit cheesed after seeing this. It's like they refurbished some circular fans and propped these with paper mache monsters.

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