Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Martyrdom and Blood Donation

I've been reading a lot lately about the Christian martyrs of history, particularly the Anabaptists who were viciously persecuted by the Roman Catholic papists. Again and again, the historical record shows that Rome had this wickedly-satanic hatred of people who preferred a different mode of baptism as understood from Scripture, and Rome lashed out in a horrific and violent manner and would endlessly burn baptists alive. It's no wonder that the protestant confessions of the 17th century refer to the papists as antichrist, as their actions reflect that darkened designation.

Anyhow, this had me thinking about what I'd do in the same situation. Thankfully, Rome seems to have lost most of it's luster globally and has been relegated to the false, withered cult that it truly is, but what, I wonder, if true-Christian-burning Roman Catholics ever ruled the land again, and perverted the church/state line with their wickedness? What if *I* had to die by the fires of Rome, simply because I follow what the Bible teaches and practice the mode of baptism that says a person MUST BELIEVE first before receiving the ordinance?

So driving back from the city today, I was thinking about this. Being burned alive would really stink: physically and literally. But it's also horrifically wasteful of a perfectly good body. I think what I'd ask the Pope would be this: "Look, I don't intend to recant, or in any way ever acknowledge the episcopacy of the cultish Roman Catholic church, so, obviously, your wicked satanic practices direct that I need to be destroyed by burning. But instead of just burning me, how about this: just quickly lop off my head, and then collect the 2 gallons of blood in my body and give it to Gulf Coast Regional so they can use it for someone else. Then muy pronto, put my body on ice, ship it off to the lab and donate every bit and piece of me that you can to help others: be it eyes, spleen, heart, lungs, tonsils, whatever. Burning me up would be a waste, as I'm in pretty good shape, and I'm willing to be a martyr, but at least help some other people out in the process."

The papal magistrates might comply with this, and at least it would be a semi-useful termination. I mean, it would still stink to be martyred by the grotesque, bloated, corrupted perversion of Rome, but at least the medical industry could put my blood and organs to use somewhere.

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