Monday, July 2, 2012

James White and KJVO

James White is one of the finest Christian apologists that I've ever heard, and generally does a remarkable job defending the Christian faith in the debates that he's a part of. Here's a recent video of his refutation of some of the KJVO silliness that, strangely, is a view taken seriously and loudly by a number of churches in my area. In fact, next to things like pentacostalism and baptismal regeneration, this is one of the more common oddities of some of the local churches I've visited locally.

Anyhow, I enjoy James White's logic and reasoning, as well as his interjection of humor. His podcast is also worth checking out as well.

KJVO makes no sense to me as well. The idea of a double-inspired text, as if the Anglican translators somehow were inspired to craft a perfect translation, is just silly (especially considering some of the incorrect Greek translations and so on. I think Dr. White goes into detail with some of his messages.) Likewise how the KJV could be inspired doesn't give a valid answer as to what to do with the Wycliffe translation or the Bishops Bible, both of which pre-date the KJV.

But what's sad is that I've visited the website of local churches and found that when you go to their 'Beliefs' page of their site, the FIRST thing they list is that they adhere to the KJV only and that all other translations are inferior. Well, wait... WHY would that be so important that it would take precedence over the church belief about God, Jesus Christ, the Trinity, etc? It's almost like a scary, cult-like devotion to one translation that, to be honest, is a secondary issue to much more important tennants of the Christian faith.

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