Friday, July 13, 2012

Germany and Circumcision

Interesting article from BBC on Germany banning circumcision. For what it's worth, I'm a Christian who is decidedly against circumcising, because I firmly believe that if you're a Christian who still circumcises your sons that you don't understand the gospel (or the book of Galatians, for that matter.) There is NO Scriptural evidence AT ALL to support this practice for Christians this side of the cross, and those who decide to do so to their children are practicing a strange, cult-like works-orientation to their faith, the type of thing that the Apostle Paul criticized the Judaisers about. I also have a pediatrician who, although not Christian, is not fond of circumcision, but for different reasons (and our agreement on this topic has actually opened some interesting conversations about the gospel.)

However, even though I'm against it as a gospel-believing Christian, I have no problems with folks of other religions who choose this practice. It's their decision, and they don't need a nanny state like Germany controlling them like Nazis. Oh, hey, irony...

What's the deal with Germany, anyhow? First there's this article on circumcision, then there was something else I read recently about how homeschooling is still illegal in Germany. What on earth? Do you know who it was who did away with German homeschooling in the first place? I'll give you a hint: diminutive fellow, funny little moustache, sever anger issues. Why on earth would Germany continue to practice a homeschool ban instituted by the Third Reich? I'll say this: there's no reason on earth I'd want to visit that country, let alone live there.

I don't get Germans, frankly. Two world wars in the last century alone (and what's up with that? You'd think, after the first one, they'd have figured it out that they messed up and get things right again) Personally, I think the US should have stayed out of WWII and let the Germans pound against the Soviets for a decade or so. Things would have been a LOT different, both nations would be spent and decimated, then the US could have just come in and brushed them both aside. Ah whatever. Give Germany a couple decades and given the demographic changes, it's likely to be a Muslim country anyhow.

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