Sunday, May 13, 2012

Squinty Whistles Alive!

Attention! Former mountain man/raccoon hunter/blogger and cornbread enthusiast Squinty Whistles has been found frozen, yet perfectly preserved, in a frozen pond in Manitoba. Trapped beneath the ice in a state of perfect hybernation, scientists predict that he can be thawed and resusitated. When asked about the frozen block of solid ice that has contained Squinty for over 100 years, they have speculated that "he should be quite well protected. If he survived the freezing process, that is."

Scientists are baffled at why Squinty was found frozen near Nueltin Lake, or why, for that matter, he was preserved in a suit and bow-tie. But scientists are convinced that this is the real Squinty Whistles, as preserved next to him was a small stack of raccoon pelts and a sizable portion of cornmeal.

Having been frozen for such a long time, if indeed he can be revived, he will take some time to re-acclimate himself with the 21st century, including pop culture references, but scientists are convinced that, once thawed, he will be a valuable addition to the blogging community, offering valuable insights into wilderness survival, outdoorsy crafts and skills, edible and medicinal wild plants, raccoon hunting, and numerous uses for cornmeal. Stay tuned!

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