Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Indy Jones on BluRay

Not sure what Lucas has in store for the Indiana Jones Blurays, but I'm suspecting more monkeying around with computer junk that ruins real films.

I've been thinking a lot about the types of films I grew up with, and how the computer played almost no role in the film. Back then, there seemed to be so much more focus on the quality of framing the scene, the importance of lighting and shadows, and so on. These days, it's all just a big video game on the screen. Its sickening enough to make me want to just give up on films.

Back to Indy: here's a quick recap of my thoughts on the films.

Raiders: the best of the bunch, although the melting Nazi stuff is goofy. This is one of Harrison Ford's finest films. There are far too many awesome scenes to comment on: one of my favorites (and most completely unrealistic) is when Indy jumps off the boat, swims secretly over to the Nazi sub, and climbs on board to the cheering of the ship crew members. Completely ridiculous yet awesome.

Temple: far too dark to appreciate. Drugged Indy smacks a kid. No thanks. But Temple does have some of John Williams' finest music (sans the satanic temple stuff). Temple also set the standard of how I think of my Indian co-workers: they work in volcanic lairs, feast on monkey brains, and practice voodoo and ritual sacrifice in their spare time.

Crusade: stupid Indy/Dad dialog ruined this. For instance, I don't want to hear them joking about sharing a woman. Yuck... that made me cringe. The pace also seemed a lot slower for this once. Also, the drying out Nazi was just as goofy as a melting one.

Crystal Skull: apparently the effects of the holy grail wore off? How did it keep the guardian of the grail alive for centuries, and yet Indy's Dad, and Marcus, died off, and Indy started going massively gray? Too much CGI ruined this film, the infamous 'fridge scene' was idiotic, as was the monkey sequence. This one isn't cannon for me.

And here's exactly what Lucas will probably do with the BluRays...

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