Thursday, May 17, 2012

George Lucas NEEDS Money!

I wonder how many times you can re-package the same film, with more special effects and enhancements, before you completely eliminate the original? I think Lucas is bound and determined to do this with his franchise.

As I've stated earlier, I'm not giving Lucas one more penny. Of course, this task seems to be impossible, as his brand is everywhere. Even my stock in Disney (which WHY I hold DIS in my portfolio is another mystery) I'm sure somehow, indirectly, gives Lucas funds indirectly from the theme park SW ride and gift shop and other merchandising vehicles. The guy has his tendrils everywhere!

Here's a thought I was kicking around: if a Jedi is a blood-donor, would the person they donate blood to then gain the midichlorians and then have the ability to do force-tricks, until the body replenished the normal blood again? And what was Lucas thinking, making the force little more than a blood condition? Alright, I'm not going to dwell on my simmering hatred of the prequels. Or on anything from Lucas anymore. I'm washing my hands of Star Wars. I loved the original, pre-special edition trilogy, but the days of those films is long gone...

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