Saturday, May 5, 2012

Figuring out a system here...

So I'm cleaning house of posts at my old haunt, and will hopefully be reposting a lot of the stuff over here. But thinking about it, I might actually fine-tune and re-write a lot of the material, as reviewing so many of my posts I see that they were hammered out in frantic 10-minute intervals late at night when I wasn't thinking clearly (as evidenced by the nonsense of my posts.) Of course, that does tend to lend to their hilarity.

So anything here that seems redundant or gives you an odd sense of deja vu, it just means that I copied it over from my other blog.


  1. In Catch 22 there was a man with a supposed malady: he saw everything twice.

  2. I'm married, so I know all about Catch-22.