Tuesday, April 2, 2013

"Who Killed the Dixie Chicks?" Duh....

Saw this at the grocery store checkout the other day, and it elicited an audible "duh".

"Who Killed the Dixie Chicks?" asks Texas Monthly.  Well, duh, it's the squirrelly little one in the top of the picture with the big mouth, who decided that instead of just singing and being an entertainer, she'd instead vomit out some political diatribe against then-president George W.  Listen, I'm not going to defend Bush or Cheney or the idiotic, endless wars offshore, but I will say this, again:

If you're a singer, then sing!
If you're an actor, then act!
Leave the politics to irritating TV news personalities.

...and shut your mouth about your nonsensical and irrelevant political views, because you're dealing with a subject matter that is bound to alienate a large demographic of your audience.  I bet the other members of the Dixie Chicks really appreciated the little squirrelly one spouting off on George W.  It's like, "hey, thanks, you just ruined OUR careers as well!"

Texas Monthly, you just wasted a lot of dead trees to spread the obvious.

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