Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We get grace from the sacraments?

I will never understand Roman Catholicism. Centuries of corruption, torture and persecution, subdued through the Reformation and centuries of people reading the Bible and refuting catholic errors, then finally relegated to fringe cult (like Mormonism) but yet it still lingers on. I've yet to hear Trent refuted, so apparently genuine faith and repentance are still not enough... I'm still accursed by Rome.

 Yet I've still yet to hear where in Scriptures the distorted teaching of Rome comes from, such as praying to Saints, worshiping Mary, and killing those who disagree with you (the later being the most heinous of catholic Scriptural perversions. Wonder where and how they get the idea of using the sword to kill others from Jesus and the new covenant?) In any case, this ad has me puzzled. How does one get grace from the sacraments, exactly? And where exactly in Scripture doe we even find the word "Sacrament" anyhow?
Or is it, much like infant baptism, a non-Scriptural distortion made up by bad theologians over time?

 In any case, the RCC misses the point: you don't go "home" to Rome, but rather, you make room for the Holy Spirit to have a home in your heart, through regeneration through Christ. I pray for Rome, that the wicked distortions they propagate will clear like a black fog, giving way to the true light of the gospel...

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