Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More thoughts on the gay issue that I so tired of hearing about...

Just left this comment at a blog I frequent,  Doubt it will see light of day, though;

Two thoughts: why does this topic seem to dominate the constant theme of folks like Al Mohler, as if there's nothing else in the world to talk about for evangelical Christians?  Is there really nothing else in the Bible to occupy our time and thought?

But here's another thought:  when we talk about homosexuality as being "subject to idolatry just as is money or possessions. With all of the emphasis we have today on sex it most certainly has become an idol to many..." are we really that much different in evangelical Christianity with the the ready acceptance that you can choose your family size and then just surgically sterilize yourself once you have 2-4 kids (the acceptable norm?)  This is just as much a sex issue, and one that should be talked about, not so taboo.  Like homosexuality, is the vasectomy-mindset really all that different?  Isn't this just redirecting the idolatry in a different direction? ("two kids was enough, and I've got other idols of self to serve, so off I go to the urologist...")  While homosexuality is constantly thrown about in discussions, no one ever seems to address the idolatry of deliberately limiting the blessing of family size in order to serve other idols of self.  Yet is Christians are honest with the Scriptures, the repeated message through the patriarchs and the OT is the blessing of children.  So if homosexuality is such a capital sin, why isn't deliberate childlessness/small families in evangelical families treated the same way?

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