Wednesday, January 9, 2013

More thoughts on gun control nonsense

Expanding on some comments I left on the Houston Chomical, namely on a story about VP Biden meeting with gun violence people (of course, his agenda doesn't include meeting with drug comany representatives to find out what the drugs did to warp these people's minds to turn them into killers.)
The impression you get from this administration and the MSM is that, if you put a gun in someone's hand, it somehow magically turns them into a bad guy (complete with a goatee and a maniacal laugh...), so the only solution is to get rid of the guns. And of course, the administration and the Chomical wouldn't bother considering that maybe... maybe... the problem has more to do with mind-altering medications and drugs that the FDA gleefully approves. The media silence about the involvement of the drugs in these cases is a little bit troubling. Why does this get absolutely no attention?

 Do reporters for the MSM know how ridiculously partisan and biased they sound when they only trumpet one side of the issue?  And do people in the media and the government know how crazy people are for their guns in this country? (let alone in Texas?)

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