Friday, January 4, 2013

Moore to the Point -

Thoughtful question by Dr. Moore on Time's article about the pro-life movement, and my response.  Either my comments are blocked or just not being saved correctly due to my browser (probably the former) but here's my response regardless:

A very good article, and I think you make some good points from a political standpoint that most of the legislation from a "pro-life" standpoint is merely symbolic in nature, especially from so-called pro-life candidates.  But I think the issue is much bigger than simply the abortion platform as well.  I've wondered why it is that in the evangelical church today, you find married elected officer serving that are either deliberately childless, or only chose to bring up one child.  Can one truly be "pro-life" if at the same time they shun the blessing of a fruitful womb? (either biologically or adoptive.)  What testimony does a married church elder make, in light of the "pro-life" viewpoint, when he and his wife willingly decide not to raise any children?  The abortion issue is big... but I wonder sometimes if an issue like this is just as big, but avoided being taboo?

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