Friday, January 11, 2013

Fox News and Flu outbreak: Why are so many not getting vaccinated?

Fox News seems to struggle to maintain the line between news reporting and propaganda, and this article is no exception:

Flu outbreak: Why are so many not getting vaccinated?

Or, "Why are so many people so stupid to not trust in the power of drugs?"  What caught my attention right away is that nowhere in the article is "mercury" mentioned at all (of course, I've heard the arguments that it's no different than eating a can of tuna, but I STOPPED eating tuna because of the mercury!)

I also found this peculiar word repetition in the article.  Do they even use editors?

However, just because a person does get the flu vaccine doesn’t mean he or she won’t still get sick.  However, many people can mistake flu-like symptoms for the flu virus.  Esper noted there are many different viruses capable of causing disease, so people shouldn’t necessarily assume that if they are sneezing and coughing, they caught the flu virus.

I didn't do the greatest in English class, but don't you generally use "however" following a previous statement that you want to respond to with the contrary?  So how could you however a however?  Wouldn't that be arguing both sides of an argument?  Goofy.

I've debated getting the shot, but only because I'm curious if I had an adverse reaction if I could get some money filing a vaccine damage complaint.  But the fact is, I'll take my chances.  If people want to soup up their bodies, more power to 'em.  Not me.

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