Sunday, March 24, 2013

"Enchanted", a stupid, irrelevant Disney feminist apology for the classic "Snow White"

Squinty has written a few too many posts lately, so need to get up to speed here.

I've been thinking lately of the excruciatingly-bad Disney film "Enchanted" lately, which can be thought of as less of a movie to waste time watching with the kids, but rather as a pathetic and humiliating insult to the tradition of the classic Disney Snow White film, which to me remains to this day the finest, incomparably animated film ever.  Of course this film is offensive, and has rabid feminists and others up in arms.  Snow White is a princess who wants nothing more than to marry a prince.  I love it!  No complex, frustrating, impossibly-intelligent, unlikable, proto-feminist, indestructible Reese Witherspoon-types, but rather just a princess who wants nothing more than to wed a prince.  Brilliant.  Perfect.  

With Enchanted, it's like the screen-writer was an angry young woman, trained in the Sith arts of rabid feminism in college, with a fresh social studies BA, who sat down and typed out how the classic Snow White "should" have actually ended, with the princess coming to New York and realizing she doesn't need a prince to be happy, but rather, she needs to be single and successful running her own business.  This was appalling writing and perhaps the stupidest distortion of a classic movie theme I've ever had the misfortune of watching.  Absolutely awful.

I will give Disney credit, though.  They have never stupidly attempted to make a "Snow White 2" (that I know of) and they have left the original alone, as the one film that cannot be ruined with stupid and shallow remakes involving SW trained as a warrior with a huntsman while she has a fling with the film director, or something like that.  

But if Disney did ever decide to make a "Snow White 2", rest assured it would be stupid, and that it would rot in the Disney vault along with "Enchanted."

The original Snow White is a marvel:  wonderful story, staggeringly-good animation (without any lazy Disney computer-animated shortcuts) and a charming soundtrack of both orchestral and vocal numbers.  It's unquestionably a classic, and you can tell by the duration of this film even today: they continue to make rides at the Disney theme park based on this film (haven't seen any films made based on "Enchanted".... maybe they could make Mr. Toad's Commode Ride", in which you ride through a sewage pipe lined with discarded copies of Enchanted...?)

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