Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ridiculous Policies at the County Animal Control

No one will bother reading this - just giving avenue to a vent. Went to the county animal control office today to look at cats, and here's what I can't figure out. They've got this ludicrous policy that if you want to adopt a cat, you shovel out nearly $40 (presumably paying for a set of shots or something? But what if you want the cat given shots and checks by your OWN vet?)

Here's my beef: this animal control office gets over 50 drop-offs of strays a day, and likely has to destroy a good number of these animals. So why wouldn't they offer casual, FREE adoptions to good homes? Just get the person to sign a document saying, "I promise to take good care of this kitty and make sure it get's the shots it needs and whatever." Versus cages packed with animals that people don't want to pay for, or can't afford, and then the animal control office has to waste the money on drugs to kill the unwanted animals, and has to pay for the cost to destroy the animal remains, as well as the massive waves of guilt that must naturally come from putting down unvolved animals. Seems utterly stupid that they would make it difficult for people to just pop in for free, casual adoptions.

Yeah, yeah, I'm probably missing something obvious, but if it's an old black cat sitting in a cage, and no one wants it, and I want it, but I don't want to pay them for it, why don't they just give it away, knowing that black cats are generally unpopular to begin with, that the adoption prospects are slim... and that with a constant influx of animals, they should do everything in their power to get cats and dogs out the door to people who want them, without charging ridiculous fees.

Whatever. Let them charge, let them make the process more difficult, and let them continue to pay to destroy animals. Stupid bureaucracy makes for the stupid destruction of animals that might otherwise find homes.

"Rational, you sayin' you too cheap to pay $40 for an old cat?"
"Yep, that's what I'm saying. I'd take it for free, give it a good home, lots of love, clean litter, shelter, shots - but don't make me pay you for a cat no one else wants. I'm saving YOU money by taking it off your hands. I'm doing you a favor, animal control. Review your policy. It's dumb."

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