Thursday, August 30, 2012

Raw Milk Sleepwalk Dream Post

I have no memory of writing this, but found these inane rantings saved on a random Notepad doc. I think I was sleep-walking one night and wrote this:

- The dairy industry wants raw milk stories buried because they want all people drinking only homogenized, pasteurized milk, of which they hold the monopoly. Raw milk is a far-healthier competitor, and the raw milk farms bring a lot of attention to the dangers, and nutritional worthlessness, or pasteurized milk. Lactose intolerant people, from what I've read, can consume raw milk. But this is something the big dairy industry wouldn't want getting into the mainstream, so bury bury bury...

- the big pharmeseutical industries would like this story buried as well, because they are often the ones responsible for adding drugs like rBGH into milk, a drug that makes the cows produce much more milk - while at the same time putting this drug into the milk for public consumption (and often causing difficulties like mastitis in cows.) Raw milk farmers don't use rBGH, so it's more money lost.

- The food industries that buy up all of the big milk industry milk wouldn't approve of this story as well, seeing how they need these big, mass-produced pasteurized farms for their milk. If a raw milk farm made headlines and got more attention as people's health started to improve from raw milk, that could mean more trouble with the public wanting them to use raw milk instead (for foods involving dairy: ice cream and what not, or even other food companies that incorporate creams into dinner entrees and what not.) Raw milk could make their operating costs more expensive.

- And of course, the Big Government would disaprove of raw milk news stories, since it could mean more cost for dairy for government workers, public school lunches, military meals, etc, etc...

I'm sure all of these industries are pals, and their big-wigs have council meetings to decide what to tell the AP to include in the news. Visualize a big round table with the following:

- Big Dairy industry executives
- Big pharmaseutical executives
- Big Food industry executives
- Government agents from the FDA
- AP agent that decides what stories to run

"Gentlemen, let us make sure that this raw milk story is buried. Someone contact Lindsay Lohan's agent and give him $50,000 in return for encouraging Lindsay to doing something stupid, dangerous and news-worthy! Oh, and be sure that the LAPD somehow connect this raw milk farmer with the fringe 'sovereignty' movement, so that law enforcement will crack down on him hard!"

For what it's worth, I'm not a raw milk drinker - but simply for the reason that I can't find it anywhere local. It's nearly impossible to come by. There's a farm a couple hours from here, but - and another reason I don't drink it - it runs like $10 a gallon. Which is a shame: I've tried it, and it's delicious. It's a shame that the government won't lessen the restrictions on the availability of raw milk, but then again, I don't expect things to change any time soon. The Powers that Be have seen to that.

From The Tribulation Times Herald-Exhorter

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  1. When the economy crashes the people with cows will survive. We may be drinking raw milk because nothing else is available. I do have relatives with goats though, so that may come in handy.